Simple Direct Cremation $1295

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Direct Cremation

1620 Cremation Service offers every cremation option. Among these many options is the immediate or direct cremation. Direct cremation is limited to the prompt cremation of the body following death, with no formal funeral or memorial services. Because of the minimal amount of services needed with direct cremation, costs are less than a complete traditional funeral.
  • Basic Professional Services of Funeral Director and Staff
  • Cremation Process at Plymouth or Duxbury Crematory
  • Alternative container (Container that remains are cremated in as required by law)
  • Transportation of the deceased from the place of death to the crematory
  • Courtesy online notice
  • Notification to Social Security and VA
  • Medical Examiner Fee
  • Crematory Charges
  • Certified Death certificate

Massachusetts Law requires a mandatory 48 hour waiting period from the time of death as a minimum waiting period. In addition to this waiting period, the law requires that the death certificate be completed. The death certificate is then forwarded to the Medical Examiner in whose jurisdiction the death occurred. The Medical Examiner is then the one who grants permission for a cremation to take place. While most physicians usually sign the death certificate as quickly as their busy schedules allow it, it may take a few days to get the death certificate through this certification process. The law requires this process to insure that cremations are not performed before any questions about the cause of death have been adequately answered.